8 Successful apps built with Flutter framework

In recent years, Flutter is well-known as one of the best frameworks in the cross-platform world for mobile app development. Being the world’s most successful framework, Flutter has helped multiple brands to build modern, simple-to-use apps in a shorter time span and the minimum budget. In this blog post, let’s discover some of the popular apps built with Flutter 

8 Successful apps built with Flutter framework

I. What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source app development framework created by Google for developing native-looking applications for not only web but also mobile and desktop from a single code base. Unlike most cross-platform development frameworks, Flutter does not use web technologies such as JavaScript or WebView. Developers write apps with the programming language called Dart.

II. 12 apps built with Flutter

There are many apps built with Flutter. Now, we’ll show you some of the most popular apps, so you can get a sense of what Flutter can do. Here are 8 most popular Flutter app development so far:

1. Google Ads

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Google Ads is an online platform that can help set ad campaigns in form of brief advertisements, product listings, service offerings, etc. The app developers used Flutter to incorporate the Material Design elements into the user interface. Google Ads provides users with various statistical data, and Flutter makes it possible to display it via the comprehensible set of data visualization tools. The framework capabilities make the application look neat and allow users to focus on the app functionalities.


2. Alibaba

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Alibaba, a major player in the eCommerce market with numerous downloads per day, has built its application using Flutter technology. Now, It is one of the best web apps developed with Flutter that allows customers to purchase items from global suppliers.

Thanks to the Flutter framework\’s capability to handle large amounts of eCommerce transactions, Alibaba is able to expand the volume of international transactions in the commercial center.


3. Reflectly

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Reflectly is an AI-based lifestyle app that encourages users to create their own journals. It represents an alternate set of questions to the client day by day, to comprehend their everyday life, their feelings of anxiety, negative contemplations, and inhibitions. This Flutter app can bring you insightful information about how your days are going as well as helpful advice from top self-help specialists to help you deal with any mental health issues.


4. Realtor

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Realtor.com is a popular mobile application that runs on Flutter that helps users in finding houses for sale or rent in the USA. The app displays available apartments and homes on the US map by utilizing geolocation plugins.

Flutter provides the app with data visualization tools, mapping functionality,  graphical components (price range sliders, blocks, etc), and photo support.


5. Tencent

It is one of the biggest international Chinese companies that also uses Flutter, though not for all of the applications. There is not a single app they built without Flutter. DingDang, AITeacher, Mr. Interpreter, QiDian, Now Live and K12 are all included.

Flutter can help developers code quicker, improve coordination and accomplish spectacular results. In a YouTube video, they discuss pretty much the entire scope of their workflow built with Flutter. They talk pretty much the entirety of their processes in a YouTube video made along with Flutter.


6. The New York Times

The use of the Flutter framework isn\’t limited to cross-platform mobile development. Additionally, it has several stages and devices. For instance, the New York Times KenKen puzzle can be used on a variety of operating systems and is available for PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

For someone who enjoys spending time with fun and developing their psychological abilities at the same time, KenKen is a numerical riddle of different intricacies. It ranks among the most used Android apps created with Flutter. 


7. Nubank

Nubank is a digital bank located in Brazil. It is the largest fintech in Latin America with more than 34 million customers. The bank offers financial balances, personal credits and Visas and  – all completely advanced, with customers accessing all of their services through an application.

It is crucial for the company to invest in the most secure technology because this includes monitoring Visa exchanges, blocking cards, and other sensitive activities. Initially, after working in Swift and Kanban, Nubank apps were made with Flutter as their core technology for cross-platform development in 2019.


8. PostMuse Editor

PostMuse is an Instagram photo editor that allows users to create eye-catching stories and posts. It\’s a constructor-style program with multiple tools, such as story templates, typographic features, a text editor, frames, filters, shapes and color harmonies. Flutter offers consumers a comprehensive variety of multimedia functions, graphical components, rapid access to the device\’s functionalities, and connection with Instagram and the Unsplash stock photo service in addition to guaranteeing a no-delay user interface.



It is clear that more and more industry leaders are choosing Flutter to create their apps because it can be quite advantageous to your business in the long term. It will facilitate the realization of your ideas more quickly than alternative frameworks.

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