Our Industries

Since the beginning days of our firm, AgileTech has always strived for high-quality performance and committed to providing clients with the best software development service. We have years of experience in doing outsourcing projects with many startups and SMEs in both Vietnam and international markets in different industries. As a Quality Software Outsourcing Company, AgileTech focuses on having the right mindset to tackle challenges and puts forth quality technical solutions to help your business ranks a high position in specific industries.

Our Industries


AgileTech understands the hardships that enterprises face upon innovating the current traditional financial methods, especially in the world of high-tech services. With the right languages and frameworks specifically designed for each project, we will offer scalable products to expand your business.

Travel And Hospitality

With the introduction of top-notch technology, the travel and hospitality industry has witnessed a significant change in the way it functions and provides services to customers. That’s why AgileTech also takes advantage of the new situation to develop mobile apps and websites for travel and hospitality with our dedicated team.


Thanks to the rapid development of cutting-edge technology, e-commerce makes things easier for both sellers and buyers by creating the modern buying ecosystem and supporting online purchasing activities. We always try our best to help businesses find a better solution to manage the platform and boost sales records.

Business Management

Business management industries are one of our strengths regarding software outsourcing services. The way we approach the problem and suggest appropriate solutions to each step of the project can help enterprises run the system smoothly and minimize costs in the management process.

Social Media

Many ideas have been integrated to connect people of different places or backgrounds together through the use of social media. With these thoughts in mind, AgileTech commits to developing mobile applications with diverse features for you to pursue your creative vision and dream without difficulty.

Supply Chain

As supply chain is an irreplaceable part of the modern world, creating mobile apps and websites for the optimal business process is essential for any enterprise. AgileTech is one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Vietnam with practical solutions to meet your work requirements in this industry.


Seeing that digital learning is a promising industry in the near future, AgileTech is proficient in providing first-class education software solutions using modern technology stack. Thanks to the desired result of time-saving and distance-reducing solutions, you can have the opportunity to optimize different education-related topics.

Beauty & Health

With up-to-date technology and extensive experience, we have worked closely with businesses to create software for beauty & health. As a result, these products offer great convenience to clients upon using beauty & healthcare services, making it easier for them to approach the top-level solution for the business.

Other Industries We Also Have Experience In

Service Provider

AgileTech is proud to help many businesses applying technology to building their service sharing platforms. In just a few swipes, users can quickly book services and contact the ones they need.

Real Estate

With the help of technology, people can well manage information related to their real estates. Especially, AgileTech is proud to be your partner in these innovative projects to bring convenient and luxurious services.


From booking car to managing cars and taxis for branding purpose, we overcome problems and put forth solutions for your business. AgileTech is expected to assist you in bringing your products into this industry.

Our Client & Partners

Within 8 years, AgileTech has expanded the customer base to 12 countries worldwide. We’re proud to not only have partnered with big corporations but also many local startups from multiple industries such as: finance, logistics, healthcare, education, etc.

Are you looking for a partner to enter your industry with your business?

Are you looking for a partner to enter your industry with your business?
AgileTech has 8-year experience developing software solutions for many business in various industries. Don’t hesitate to connect us, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours for personalised communication.

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