Seeing that digital learning is a promising industry in the near future, AgileTech is proficient in providing first-class education software services using modern technology stack. Thanks to the desired result of time-saving and distance-reducing solutions with the outsourcing application, you can have the opportunity to optimize the education-related subjects.


Education Development Solutions

With excellent potential for unlocking new aspects of education, there are different types of education software services available for you to explore. Each one has its own unique set of features and benefits, making it easier for you to take advantage of solutions to achieve the best learning outcome. The introduction of cutting-edge technology into the traditional form of education has proved to be successful, ensuring a positive change in this field.

Thanks to these applications, time is well-managed and distance is no longer a problem anymore. AgileTech will enhance your product and allow it to fully shine with our outstanding and user-friendly features in terms of both mobile application and website.

Case Studies

#1: MCBooks – An Education App Offering Limitless Collections of Language Learning Books

MCBooks is one of the biggest education publishers in Vietnam, specializing in language learning books (Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.). With MCBooks education app, users can purchase e-books or audio, video books. Moreover, you can freely access their books, last read papers and recommended books.

MCBooks always wants to improve the quality of services and serve the needs of users better. As a technical partner, AgileTech has optimized with best features in MCBooks app version 2. Users can find books, track on learning progress, chat online via app, especially use on all mobile devices, etc.

#2: Tan Viet Books

Tan Viet Books is a reputable book publisher that has been trusted by many Vietnamese readers. In addition to the offline direct retail system, Tan Viet Books invests in online retail channels to serve readers.

When we worked with Tan Viet Books, we introduced smart and optimal features into the mobile app to make it easier for them to rank a high position regarding the top publisher in the industry.

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We offer varying services, from software development services to rising technology development services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Migration…) to help your businesses tap into the digital world. With our years of experience and modern technology stack, we can solve your problems in different industries and make it easier for you to operate your business without difficulty.

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