Travel And Hospitality

With the introduction of top-notch technology, the travel and hospitality industry has witnessed a significant change in the way it functions and provides services to customers. That’s why AgileTech also takes advantage of the new situation to develop mobile apps and websites for travel and hospitality software services with our dedicated team.

Travel And Hospitality

Travel And Hospitality Development Solutions

Travel and hospitality software services are designed to help businesses manage their operations more efficiently by providing necessary services and tools for online bookings, customer relationship management, inventory management, payment processing, and more. These software services automate several processes for businesses to simplify their operations, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Businesses can also save on labor costs and reduce the risk of errors and oversights thanks to better data management and analysis.

As one of the top companies in Vietnam specialized in travel and hospitality software services, we have gained extensive experience in three main categories: car booking services, homestay booking services, and tour booking services. Our development solutions will help you go through complicated stages of planning and building for travel and hospitality software services without difficulty. We have helped many business in travel and hospitality industry increase user engagement and reach a broader audience by providing solutions for managing travel and booking activities.

Case Studies

#1: Luxstay – Homestay Booking Platform

Known as “Airbnb Vietnam”, Luxstay is cementing its position as the leader in the Vietnamese Home-sharing platform market. Securing thousands of accommodations ranging from luxurious villas to cozy homestays, Luxstay provides customized experiences that make it stand out from other similar businesses.

You can book different kinds of accommodation with this app, ranging from homestay/vacation rentals, homes to apartments, rooms. It also offers a wide range of payment methods, such as bank transfer (domestic and international bank transfer), credit/debit cards or domestic ATM.

#2:  My Vinpearl – The leading hospitality brand in Vietnam

Vinpearl is the largest tourism – resort – entertainment brand service in Vietnam. Vinpearl owns many hotels, resorts, spas, conference centers, 5-star cuisine and golf courses, and international-standard entertainment areas located in the most famous tourist attractions of Vietnam.

AgileTech is proud to work with Vinpearl to develop its mobile app for hospitality with our dedicated team. We help the company to improve digital interaction with its customers by automating and easing the booking process.

Travel and Hospitality Solutions We Provide

Hotel Management

  • Hotel Management
  • Cost savings
  • Better resource utilisation

Booking Engines

  • Online Booking/ reservations
  • Self-service
  • Built-in guides

Travel Software

  • Keeping records of all accounts
  • Coordination of actions
  • Customer communication

Travel and Hospitality App Development Services We Offer

Custom Software Development

We gather your business goals and requirements to create prototypes, wireframes and after that, we start to develop your travel and hospitality app

Software Reengineering

We update the existing solutions to keep following the latest security standards and industry innovations and tackling modernisation initiatives that align with corporate goals

Digitalisation and Optimisation

We increase the performance of travel and hospitality apps by automating manual process, workflows and offer Digital Transformation Services to help the business tap into the digital world.

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