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AgileTech offers AI & Big Data services to help you make executive decisions & introduce impactful changes to your business. Learn about how our artificial intelligence and Big Data services can transform a company.

Leveraging the Power of AI & Big Data with AgileTech

AgileTech offers AI & Big Data services to help you make executive decisions & introduce impactful changes to your business. Learn about how our artificial intelligence and Big Data services can transform a company.

Make better decisions with our AI & Big Data Services

Market forecasting and decision-making are crucial to the survival of any company. A strategic move can either set your business on track to success or push it to the edge of the cliff. To minimize the chance of the latter happening, executives make their move based on analyzed data. However, manually processing petabytes of information is just inefficient. That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. 

Combining the power of AI & big data enables advanced analytic capabilities. It allows business owners to obtain actionable insights from the large amount of data collected. Enjoy an enhanced predictive analysis that helps you make better decisions. Valuable customer insights also reveal possible product improvements to meet their requirements. On top of that, powerful AI & big data integration boosts cyber security & minimizes the risk of data-related issues. 

Which solutions are included in our AI & Big Data Services?

AgileTech provides a wide range of AI & big data services to unlock the potential of your business. Our popular solutions include data ingestion, data storage, real-time data processing, machine learning, and analytic services….

ai & big data services

AI & Big Data Services We Provide

Our team uses scalable & open-source platforms to help you set up a robust data ecosystem that is capable of collecting, storing, and processing multiple sources. AgileTech also brings exclusive mechanisms to extract valuable information and turn them into actionable insights.

Logo Recognition

Person Recognition

People Counting

Optical Character Recognition

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Recommendation system optimisation

Real-time Data Processing

Machine Learning

Analytic Services

Our Process​

So, what happens when you come to AgileTech with an AI/Big Data project?


Build the brief

After you leave your contact information, our representatives will reach you within 24 hours to learn more about you & your business. We want to know your goal, and vision, as well as what you wish to achieve with our AI/Big Data service. From the information gathered, we will compose a detailed brief and send it to our data engineers.


Propose Solutions

With the brief provided, our team will dive deep to find the root of your problems, plus the most viable solutions. We will discuss in depth to find the most viable solution to your case and make sure you feel happy with the proposed plan. You then receive a proposed action plan, containing our recommended tech stacks, data platform, service package, and more.


Project Execution

Once we’ve received your green light, our data engineers & developers start executing the project. AgileTech implements the best practices & tools to process the data without compromising your ecosystem. We also offer strategies to optimize the already staggering cost of storing & analyzing Big Data with artificial intelligence. 


Product Delivery & Support

If the product ticks all the boxes we agree upon, it’s ready for delivery. We will extend our service by providing continuous support & fulfilling maintenance requests from all of our clients. Our developers and engineers will monitor the product performance after launch.  Clients can choose to upgrade, change, or improve the product according to actual needs. 

Advantages of Using Our AI & Big Data Services


By choosing our offshore development team, you may not hire more sophisticated services to get to the end of your projects and spend your time to focus on your major of expertise.


We always keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and boost productivity by doing continuous projects. These things help us meet your deadlines with optimisation process.


Our services are comprehensive, so we can address your platform’s various needs during the off-season or while conducting specialized projects to meet market needs.

Talent Team

We can help you expand your team with junior-to-senior-level developers and enhance their skills to expedite the design, integration, and execution of new projects.

Our Case Studies on AI & Big Data Services

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