DevOps Services

Ready to shift to continuous delivery with our DevOps Services

Looking to save your time and money with DevOps Services? We bring new code and features to your products with an experienced team. DevOps makes a new evolution by bringing business, development and operations teams together and applying automated processes to streamline IT. 

Application Delivery & Operational Efficiency

Our DevOps team will help you minimise market delivering time and maximise development speed without any concern on reliability, security and compliance. Streamline your processes, improve efficiency and develop new ideas faster with our assistant.

Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) can collaborate to enhance your businesses’ productivity. Our DevOps team is always there for you to completely optimise your software products for your businesses in varying scales: from start-ups, SMEs to big corporations. 

Our DevOps Services

Infrastructure as a Code

  • Stay consistent with the unified infrastructure setup
  • Onboard new staff with clear documentation reducing related risks
  • Accelerate development with easily deployable architectures
  • Save costs minimizing manual work of engineers

Delivery Pipeline and CI/CD

  • Accelerate release time recognizing issues in early stages
  • Know exactly how much time you need to recover from failure with MTTR
  • Convert more users into customers with a bug-free experience

Monitoring and alerting

  • Track system’s uptime and availability
  • Build transparency over the product’s health for multiple teams and business units
  • Avoid false alerts with well-configured, automated systems

Cloud Computing

  • Build a cloud-based platform or infrastructure
  • Get cloud consultancy
  • Optimize cloud expenses
  • Get help with cloud migration

Configuration management

  • Scale infrastructure ad software systems, not staff to mange it
  • Take a step back anytime an emergency happens with recoverable assets

Secure infrastructure

  • Stay on the safe side with Firewall as a Service
  • Detect and prevent web attacks and intrusions
  • Run security tests

DevOps Lifecycle



Determine the business need and gather end-user opinions to design a project plan.



A team of developers code and employ lifecycle DevOps tools and extensions.



Build a MVP Product, using appropriate programming languages.



The product is delivered to the test platform to execute various sorts of screening.



At this point, after all checks, the team prepares updates or sends several versions to production.



Create the operational infrastructure and publish the build using various DevOps lifecycle tools.



This version is now almost done and the management department take care of deployment at this step.



Observe the complete and identify any bottlenecks affecting the production and its performance.

Innovate with our automated DevOps Services

Start saving time and money with AgileTech’s DevOps team. We incorporate DevOps processes in your organisation and use modern tools that complement our frameworks.

devops services

Advantages of Partnering with Us on our DevOps Services


By choosing our offshore development team, you may not hire more sophisticated services to get to the end of your projects and spend your time to focus on your major of expertise.


We always keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and boost productivity by doing continuous projects. These things help us meet your deadlines with optimisation process.


Our services are comprehensive, so we can address your platform’s various needs during the off-season or while conducting specialized projects to meet market needs.

Talent Team

We can help you expand your team with junior-to-senior-level developers and enhance their skills to expedite the design, integration, and execution of new projects.

Do you want to discover our other services?

We offer varying services, from software development services to rising technology development services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Migration…) to help your businesses tap into the digital world.

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