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Take a nearer Step to your Customers with our UI/UX Design Services

Having a successful user experience means that you are taking a nearer step to succeed in the market. AgileTech’s UI/ UX Design team of graphic designers and web developers designs user interfaces for both mobile apps, websites and web apps.

Engaging Concepts. Lasting Impressions.

UI/ UX Design is the key factor of any digital product companies’ business success. We are here to help you fulfil your businesses’ goals by creating digital products with delightful user experience and human central design solutions. With UI/UX Design, every product is built with conscious user experience design, enhancing your brand value and balancing the user and business needs.

We are a creative and flexible UI/UX Design team that assists you in a diverse range of sectors. From our insight on web designing and the latest technology trends, we build wonderful and impressive designs, assuring the deliverance of productive and efficient solutions to your business.

UI/ UX Design for web and mobile app

User Experience Design

We focus on the optimisation of your product with information architecture for effective and satisfactory use and generate your idea into the arrangement of customers’ journey

  • Wireframes
  • Propototypes
  • Research

User Interface Design

We focus on the visual aesthetic (presentation and interactivity) of your products: outline, font, picture, colour… and deliver user-friendly interfaces while retaining your delightful features.

  • Mockups
  • Graphics
  • Layouts

Our UI/UX Design Process​


Research & Plan

Research is crucial to better understand what problems your business want to solve and what customers are likely to expect. Then, our UI/ UX Design team will create a information architecture and plan a design strategy. It is needed to establish the agreement in terms of how the eventual visual design will look and feel.


Create Wireframe

A wireframe is an outline of a website or mobile app, including the structure, content, and functionality. We help your business analyse and plan the wireframe in the right way. Our UI/UX Design team also capitalises on the best user research methods and helps you in choosing the right tools, technology stacks and frameworks for a well-designed product, no matter where you are.


Conduct Prototype

The prototype is aimed to demonstrate the characteristics of the product and show how it would work in the real world. We design low-fidelity and fully-interactive prototypes to create finest user experiences. Our UI/ UX Design team focuses on understanding users’ demands and personas for a streamlined navigation.


UI Concept

If wireframes are the skeleton, UI concept (or mockup) is the skin. A UI concept includes colour schemes, layouts, typography, and the overall style of the product. Let us collaborate with you to bring users the best experiences. We also offer regular client updates and usability testing.

Tell your story in a better way through our UI/UX Design Services

 If you want to find a reliable UI/UX design partner, AgileTech is never a bad choice with a highly qualified team who can transform your business successfully. Let’s talk about your project together.

ui/ ux design

Industry Expertises

Knowledge and experience in industry-specific technology empowers us to create your web and mobile app of any complexity with the best UI/ UX Design services.


– Fintech, Blockchain
– Banking, Investment
– Insurance, Policy & Claims

Travel & Hospitality

– Car Booking Services
– Homestay Booking Services
– Tour Booking Services


– E-learning
– E-book
– Learning Management System

Business Management

– System Management Portal
– Payroll Management
– Sales Channel Monitor

Beauty & Health

– Nail Salon Booking
– Mom & Baby Spa
– Dental Care Services


B2B, B2C, C2C Platforms that help business better managing and boosting sales.

Social Media

– Skills Sharing App
– Livestream
– Celeb & Fan Network

Supply Chain

– F&B
– Household
– Store and Retail Chain

Tech Stack

Advantages of Partnering with Us on UI/ UX Design Project


By choosing our offshore development team, you may not hire more sophisticated services to get to the end of your projects and spend your time to focus on your major of expertise.


We always keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and boost productivity by doing continuous projects. These things help us meet your deadlines with optimisation process.


Our services are comprehensive, so we can address your platform’s various needs during the off-season or while conducting specialized projects to meet market needs.

Talent Team

We can help you expand your team with junior-to-senior-level developers and enhance their skills to expedite the design, integration, and execution of new projects.

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