Top Fleet Management Software: Pricing, Features & Comparison 2020

Have you wondered how Uber, Lyft, Amazon, or AliExpress manage numbers of vehicles, delivery man and customers? How do these big companies increase  the efficiency of special vehicles, emergency services, delivery and logistics in general? The answer is Fleet Management Software. Recently, many companies take steps to adopt fleet management software based on cutting-edge technologies. Today, fleet management solution may include a variety of different services like taxi, truck, cash-in-transit services and delivery. So that, in this article, we will give you everything about the best fleet management software on the market today.

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Simply put, you are running a truck service. You hire a driver, set him with the car. Then, he is ready to bring profit to your business. However, how to  improve the efficiency and productivity of a fleet, as well as improving the safety conditions for its drivers? In case like this, fleet management software will help you easy access to data, real-time vehicle tracking, drivers’ behavior, fuel consumption, operation costs, and so on.
According to latest statics, fleet management market is is expected to grow from USD 19.9 billion in 2020 to USD 34.0 billion by 2025. This growth drives the increasing of cloud-based solutions, growing IoT implementations, and rising demand for big data analytics. Currently, the fleet management market is emerging and full of choices. So, to help business choose the right fleet management software, let\’s dive into the benefits it brings to business owners.
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What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Management Software?

Not only saving the most of budget, fleet management systems also help your fleet run more efficiently. Then, such software can help your make the better decision for your business. Therefore, you are able to know exactly how much vehicle maintenance cost or how much fuel you should spend on a week. With the help of fleet management software, managing vehicles has been worked more convenient, and productive. So, read on to find out advantages of fleet management software.

Why fleet management is so important?

Without a fleet management system, it’s hard for businesses to deal with basic problems such as staff management and cost-saving. With the result, why should you invest in a modern fleet management software for your business?

1. Cost reduction

The primary goals of every business is reducing costs. How can you do that with fleet vehicles? There are many additional cost in managing fleet including fuel costs, paying drivers and maintaining the vehicles. Here are few examples of how fleet management solution can enhance productivity and balance spendings:
  • Real-time data on fuel consumption.
  • Scheduled maintenance reports.
  • Setting the maintenance schedule.
  • Planning routes for drivers.
For example, fuel management software will separate necessary idling from excessive idling to managers. So that, they can identify and resolve problems before happening. At the same time, it always accesses to the repairing history to help with maintenance planning and eliminating additional costs.

\”According to a recent study, just a 10% reduction in fuel costs can result in a 31% increase in profit.\”

Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving

2. Ensuring driver safety

Many businesses ignore the importance of a driver management system. This is terribly wrong. Driver safety is among the major requirements for this industry.

\”A recent study showed that speed is the main reason of the road safety problem and that in around 30% of the fatal accidents speed is an essential contributory factor.\”

SafetyNet With fleet management software, fleet managers can be notified  near real-time alerts and notifications about dangerous driving habits. In addition, it is much easier to control vehicle conditions, monitor speed, provide emergency assistance, or even detect breakdowns.

3. Increasing productivity

The GPS tracking software can give you the clear overviews of where vehicles are, their job completion status, estimated arrival and delivery times. Along with carrying out all necessary  requirements of fleet management systems, it also help improve customer service and give deeper understanding of what’s going on to fleet managers.

4. Better customer satisfaction

Using fleet management software, fleet managers can simply oversee the necessary actions to improve delivery time, reduce waiting time, leverage real-time traffic data, etc. Plus, customers can benefit from getting accurate ETAs through GPS tracking data.

5. Improving vehicle maintenance

How often should you maintain your vehicles? When maintenance is needed? Thankfully, fleet management systems provide everything you need to manage fleet maintenance costs. Fleet management software allows managers to:
  • Fewer breakdowns and driver downtime caused by breakdowns, jumpstarts, and emergency repairs.
  • Identify potential problem areas that may need adjusting in the maintenance schedule.
  • Reduce future repair costs and increase vehicle resale price in the future.
With these key benefits of fleet management software, it has the potential future to all kinds of businesses. So if you want to achieve better cost efficiencies and improve productivity, make sure to check out the top fleet management software below!

Top 5 Fleet Management Software In 2020

Product Description Details
Verizon Connect From a trusted leader in the telematics industry, it allows business owner as well as fleet manager to monitor and manage entire workforce. View now
Fleetio Fleetio allows drivers and inspectors to receive recall alerts, track fuel as well as track the real-time locations and driving behaviors of their drivers. View now
MyGeotab As a global leader in telematics, this software help business manage better their drivers and and vehicles by collecting from real-time data. View now
GPS Insight GPS Insight helps customers engage their fleet by providing many innovative solutions including vehicle and asset tracking, in-cab cameras, ELD, fuel cards, and much more. View now
Track360 Track360 offers vehicle IoT gateway, sensors, smartphone app and cloud-based data analytics as well as web-based application for family and enterprises at effective price. View now

1. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect provides a very useful and time-saving solution to fleet monitoring and management. Using Verizon Connect software, it brings many valuable benefits, such as lower fuel costs, improved asset safety, higher customer satisfaction rates, increased productivity and reduced fleet costs. Features:
  • The interface is clean and easy to use.
  • Ability to communicate with the drivers to correct any issues or relay information.
  • Variety of reports that are available to make sure maintenance is needed or not.
  • Let your customers know where your drivers are and track how long they have been working.

2. Fleetio

With cloud- and mobile-based fleet management solutions, Fleetio improves fleet communication and streamlines issue resolution with its mobile apps, email notifications and reminders. Features:
  • Ease to use and set up.
  • At a glance, users can look at overall service and fuel costs.
  • Fleetio\’s mobile version also allows inspectors to pass or fail a vehicle depending on what they think of the condition.
  • Especially, if you want to keep track of information provided by numerous shops, Fleetio automates parts and inventory schedules.

3. MyGeotab

This kind of fleet management software allows all Geotab customers to manage their entire fleet from one easy-to-use dashboard. It offers a variety of features that greatly make better decisions for routing and planning. Features:
  • An intuitive and exceptional resource for businesses of all sizes.
  • Customers can manage work orders, parts, and tires on their vehicles.
  • Keep track vehicles n top conditions like accidents, tools, mileage, and maintenance.
  • My Geotab is available in seven languages, that can manage both local and international.

4. GPS Insight

With GPS Insight, users can increase fleet visibility, monitor daily operations in real-time and stay ahead of vehicle maintenance to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase accountability. Features:
  • See where your vehicles are in real-time, intelligently dispatch and optimize your fleet.
  • Monitor and coach driver behavior to increase fleet safety and mitigate risk.
  • Increase uptime and reduce costs with real-time vehicle diagnostics.
  •  Prevent maintenance cost by scheduling with alerts.
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5. Track360

It offers variety of gateway including IoT gateway, sensors, smartphone app and cloud-based data analytics as well as web-based application for family and enterprises.
Track360 is a total solution provider in fleet telematics industry. Its core value is to acquire vehicle’s hidden data and transform it into an analytical and actionable intelligence to further improve driving safety, save fuel expense, cut emissions as well as enhance efficiency. Features:
  • Track in real time – Everything is accessed over the web and mobile app.
  • Daily route maps – View all the journeys and routes taken on a day.
  • Live alert notifications – Be alerted to just the events you consider important.
  • Create geo-fences – Complete control and protect your assets and business.
  • Driver behavior – See speeding, harsh acceleration & braking, sharp turn, unnecessary idling, etc.
  • Reports & analytics – Data-rich reports generate analytics to help save you time and money.

In Conclusion

Let\’s go back to question: \”Why exactly do we need a fleet management software?\” Well, there are plenty of benefits. Fleet management systems is one of the best investment you can make today.
  • Firstly, it help you keep track of your fleet and monitor their real-time location
  • Secondly, you can control the state of the fleet, monitor drivers’ behavior, access analytical information.
  • Another important use of such system improve is analysis of all the data during the working process.
  • It also give you a clear picture of how your business operates and where you can cut costs.
Therefore, Fleet management software will help you make the best decisions for your business and make data-driven market predictions.

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