Top 5 Java Development Companies in Vietnam

For years, Java has been the most commonly-used programming language in the world, which is not a surprise as it offers much platform independence. However, even with the high number of companies that claim to deliver high-quality services, finding the ideal vendor can be a daunting task.

Java is one of the most used and trusted programming languages, but you need to hire a reliable software outsourcing company in particular countries with the capacity to deliver top-quality applications, websites, and special software. Only a few selected companies can deliver the desired results in Java application development services.

As the name suggests, Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights focuses on delivering vital information on software development outsourcing in Vietnam. The platform has offered solutions to over 800 startups and large businesses looking for the ideal software development outsourcing firms in Vietnam. Here we look at the top 5 Java development companies in Vietnam. The list includes companies that have been certified by reviews from reputable sites like Tech Reviewer, Tech Times, The Vietnam Software Association, Goodfirms, ODS Group, and Clutch.

1. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is one of the leading Java development companies in Vietnam. The company provides top-quality software outsourcing services within the country and many other clients around the world. With the headquarters at Ho Chi Minh City, the tech giant has another branch in Da Nang city.

The company boasts of a team with exceptional talents, skills, and a proven approach to building programs using Java and other modern programming languages. Apart from Java, Saigon Technology also offers other modern options. These include Angular, Ruby on Rails, Azure, Python, React JS, and Node.JS.

Therefore, the company has a proven record in delivering custom web and mobile application development using Java, PHP, NodeJS as well as other front-end technologies such as Angular, HTML5, ReactJS, CSS3, and Jquery. This makes them the ideal partner for your web application development and mobile application development projects.

With many certifications and awards, Saigon Technology is also a trusted software outsourcing firm with quality standards, well-established global capabilities, and proven delivery processes. The company has a team of 250 software experts with great expertise and experience in the latest mobile and web app development technologies, AI, ML, and cloud migration. Fortunately, most software engineers have proficient English communication skills, which allows for a smooth collaboration with their clients across the globe.


HDWEBSOFT is another top Java development company that also focuses on delivering other software outsourcing services in Vietnam. The company has been providing software development outsourcing services for businesses in different industries for over years. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, HDWEBSOFT offers a full range of software development outsourcing services.

The firm has a team of highly skilled and passionate software engineers with experience and knowledge of the latest technologies. These include backend technologies like Java, Scala, Python, PHP, Node.JS, and Ruby on Rails. While fronted technologies include Reactive Native, React.js, Flutter, Vue.js, iOS, and Android. Moreover, the company delivers high-quality websites with good design for the web, applications, and software using different frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot, Vaadin, Express.js, Django, Serverless, WordPress, Magento, and Laravel.

With 9 years of experience in the industry, HDWEBSOFT is now among the most reputable companies in offering custom Java web application development services. The company aims at ensuring that they meet all the needs of businesses at different levels. These include basic requirements such as Themes & CMS Plugins, Marketing Branding Pages, and Web CSS/HTML Templates.

3. KMS Technology

KMS Technology specializes in providing consultative software engineering services, mainly to the health industry and software companies. With 4 top software companies under its brand, the company understands what it takes to develop software that serves as the foundation of the business. Their services include Java development application services and other software development services that enhance quality, accelerate delivery, and help their clients save costs.

With over 10 years of experience in delivering IT solutions to clients in the healthcare industry, KMS Technology has a great understanding of the needs of healthcare payers and providers. It also has a vast knowledge of Healthcare technologies. Thus, the company uses Java and other modern technologies to develop top-quality websites, software, and applications for software companies and the healthcare industry.

4. AgileTech

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted Java development company in Vietnam, AgileTech has to be on your list of partners to consider. The software outsourcing company specializes in mobile/web apps, AI-big data services, and Blockchain services.

Established in 2015, the company has delivered many applications and software to several startups using Java applications services and other modern options. AgileTech has a talented and dedicated team that applies a collaborative and transparent approach in delivering on your projects.


Savvycom is among the best software development companies in Vietnam that focus on software outsourcing & development services and technology consulting. The company specializes in End-to-End software development, Cloud DevOps, and Technology Consulting. These include delivering Java development application services and helping companies build offshore development centers.

Moreover, Savvycom provides E-learning and education software solutions using Java and other modern technologies. The company has a team of experts that help design your advanced system using improved and exceptional technology, tools, and the latest trends. This helps optimize your eLearning and education, allowing smooth workflows. The company has significant expertise in providing custom development services and healthcare solutions like a fitness app, meditation app, and many others.


Java development is fast emerging as the most in-demand software outsourcing service across the globe today. It helps in building cutting-edge web and mobile applications, web services, and embedded software solutions. Thus, it is important to take enough time in choosing a company that has the capacity to deliver the top Java application development services.

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