Thanks to the rapid development of cutting-edge technology, e-commerce makes things easier for both sellers and buyers by creating the modern buying ecosystem and supporting online purchasing activities. We always try our best to help businesses find a better solution to manage the platform and boost sales records.


E-commerce Development Solutions

Retails and wholesales service can be seen as one of the most popular applications of e-commerce in the business operation. It proves to generate a high record of  revenue and profit while giving the beneficial condition for a business to boost the performance.

With our years of experience dealing with different online platforms, we can help build a detailed plan for your business idea and make it turn into realistic features of an outstanding website. We excel in creating B2B, B2C, C2C platforms that help businesses better manage and boost sales, allowing them to expand their business scale in a short time.

Case Studies

#1: Marketplace Thailand – B2B E-commerce

MarketplaceThailand is a long-going project adopting the B2B e-commerce platform concept. With technological advancement, this multi-vendor marketplace offers users with the ease and convenience in searching, buying and discount receipt.

During the building process, we have worked against many difficulties to come up with manageable solutions from efficient product listing, diverse payment methods to multi-channel communication.

#2: Yody Fashion E-commerce

Yody is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells fashion products through offline branches and online channels. Currently, YODY has over 175 stores nationwide.

Developed on a clean, simple, user-friendly online platform, Yody and AgileTech have been launched as the top shopping destination where customers can explore an extensive collection of fashion products.

Do you want to discover our other industries?

We offer varying services, from software development services to rising technology development services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Migration…) to help your businesses tap into the digital world. With our years of experience and modern technology stack, we can solve your problems in different industries and make it easier for you to operate your business without difficulty.

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